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Health insurance is a form of insurance that provides financial support to policyholders for medical treatment, including hospitalization. Some health insurance plans also cover the cost of care received at home before or after a hospital stay.

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In India, there are eight primary types of health insurance policies:

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Types of Health Insurance policies

In India, there are eight primary types of health insurance policies:

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    Individual Health Insurance

    These are insurance plans that provide medical coverage for only one individual policyholder.

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    Family Floater Insurance

    Family floater policies allow you to get health insurance coverage for your entire family under a single plan, rather than purchasing separate policies for each member. Typically, a family floater policy covers a husband, wife, and their two children.

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    Critical Illness Cover

    Critical Illness policies are specialized health plans that offer comprehensive financial support in the event of a policyholder being diagnosed with specific chronic illnesses. Unlike traditional health insurance plans, these policies provide a one-time lump-sum payment upon diagnosis, rather than covering ongoing medical expenses.

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    Senior Citizen Health Insurance

    Senior Citizen Health Insurance policies are designed specifically for individuals aged 60 years or older.

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    Group Health Insurance

    These policies are typically provided to a company's or organization's personnel. According to the ability of the organisation to retain employees, older beneficiaries may be removed and new beneficiaries may be added.

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    Maternity Health Insurance

    These insurance plans pay for medical costs related to pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum. It protects both the mother and the child.

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    Personal Accident Insurance

    Only financial obligations resulting from accidents-related injuries, disabilities, or deaths are covered by these medical insurance policies.

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    Preventive Healthcare Plan

    These insurance plans pay for the cost of medical care aimed at preventing a serious illness or condition.

Features and

You may be questioning why getting such a plan is necessary for you and your loved ones after comparing the many types of health insurance that are offered. To comprehend why, take a look at the reasons given below.

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    Medical Cover

    The main advantage of this type of insurance is that it provides financial protection against medical expenses.

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    Cashless Claim

    You can take advantage of the cashless claim benefit if you receive treatment at one of the hospitals that has a partnership with your insurance company. This function makes sure that your insurer and the hospital directly negotiate all medical bills.

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    Tax Benefits

    Health insurance premium payers are eligible for income tax advantages. One may receive a tax credit of up to Rs. 1 lakh on the premiums they pay for their health insurance policies under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.


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